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Slow Cook BBQ Pull Pork

    What is economical, yummy, and can feed a crowd easily?   Barbecue Pull Pork sandwiches is definitely on my list.   This is my favorite pull pork recipe,  I cook it often when I need to feed a … Continue reading

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Better than Buffalo Wings

Many people  love Buffalo Wings, I included.  Crunchy wings, spicy hot sauce, rich blue cheese dip are the perfect components that get any wing-a-holic  hooked and come back for more and more wings.   It is an obsession I understand well … Continue reading

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Yummy Chicken Casserole

  January is definitely the month for chicken; chicken is always on sale in the grocery stores.  So to honor this favorite bird in America, let’s make a chicken dish!!  I found the original recipe in one of my old cookbooks.  … Continue reading

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Perfect Poached Chicken (浸 雞)

The new year is here and it is chicken season again.  Everybody is trying to eat healthy again after the holidays.  How do you usually prepare your chicken in a healthy way?  Frying is definitely out if you want to … Continue reading

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Perfect Roast Beef

I love a good roast beef.   A good roast beef should be succulent and flavorful.  When sliced, it should be pink and juicy inside.  Some prepare roast by dropping it in a slow cooker.  Yes, this will produce moist and tender … Continue reading

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