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Confetti Coleslaw

What do you like to serve your coleslaw with?   A sandwich, Fried Chickens, or eat it as a salad?  In the south,  coleslaw is commonly served with shredded BBQ pork.  You simply can’t serve shredded BBQ pork sandwiches without a … Continue reading

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Chicken and Cilantro Wontons (香菜雞肉雲吞)

  Wonton noodle soup, especially Cantonese Wonton soup,  is my all time favorite food.   I love the delicious little meat pouches, the chewy egg noodle, and the delicious soup.    I love them all.  To make it even better,   some Chinese … Continue reading

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Ramen noodles from scratch (鹼水麵)

I always love instant ramen noodles, I used to beg my mother to make me instant noodles as a kid.  My mother’s would always say it is not a healthy food and she did not want me to eat it.  … Continue reading

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Zhá Jiàng Miàn (Savory Noodle Sauce)

Every culture has its comfort food, Zha Jiang Mian is among one of the favorite comfort food in Northern China. The name Zhá Jiàng Mian  is a perfect fit for this noodle.  The word Zhá (炸) means fry, Jiàng (醬) means sauce, … Continue reading

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Fried Rice Noodle (Pancit) 炒米粉

What is your favorite breakfast?  Milk and cereal, pan cake and sausage, or fruit and oatmeal?  You want to know mine?  I will always prefer Dim Sum over anything, I LOVE Dim Sum!!! Shrimp dumplings, Pork Sui, Shrimp steamed noodle … Continue reading

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