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30 minute Cucumber Kimchi

  Recently, I had a major Kimchi craving that could not be shaken until one day I opened my refrigerator.  No, Kimchi did not mysteriously appear in my fridge, but I found a bag of cucumbers staring at me as if they … Continue reading

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Better than Buffalo Wings

Many people  love Buffalo Wings, I included.  Crunchy wings, spicy hot sauce, rich blue cheese dip are the perfect components that get any wing-a-holic  hooked and come back for more and more wings.   It is an obsession I understand well … Continue reading

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Chicken Wings with Thai Curry Sauce

  What  is your favorite part of the chicken?  No doubt many will vote for the breast meat or the thigh meat?  My personal favorite is wings.  I love wings.  Call me strange, but I am not alone.   The Chinese especially love wings.   We have … Continue reading

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Thai Vegetable Curry

I love Thai food especially its curry.  Fish curry, shrimp curry, vegetable curry, beef curry, chicken curry.  Hmmmm, they are all so good.  I have not met a Thai curry that I do not like (except for the extreme spicy … Continue reading

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Sichuan Spicy Cucumbers 麻辣黃瓜

 I love Sichuan cuisine!!  It is one of the most popular regional cuisines in China.   If you love spicy food, you would love it.   Sichuanese are very skillful in using chili peppers, spices, and herbs to produce complex and … Continue reading

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