Chinese Vegetables

Chinese Broccoli

This dark green vegetable is one of my favorite vegetables.  Its taste is similar to Broccoli Rabe, but has a harder external skin  like Broccoli.  We mostly stir fry it with minced garlic and a little cooking wine.


Napa cabbage

This is probably one of the most well known Asian vegetables.   The Korean, especially,  loves it and use it to make Kim Chi and the Chinese also love it too.  We use it in stir fry, soup,  stew or dim sum like pot stickers.  The are two varieties of Napa that I am familiar with.  The variety  that I grow up eating  is long, slender  and sweeter than this round variety.  This version of Napa can be found in almost any grocery stores.


Bok Choy

There are many varieties of Bok Choy, but they all taste very similar.  Bok Choy has very mild favor and can be use in stry fry or soup.   One of the Cantonese favorite soup is the golden and silver vegetable soup.   The golden vegetable is sun-dried bok choy and the silver vegetable is fresh bok choy.  After Bok Choy is sun-dried, their white stem will turn golden brown.  Do you know what does “Bok Choy” mean?  It means white vegetable:  “Bok”  白 mean white and “Choy” 菜 mean vegetable.


Shanghai Bok Choy

One of the most distinct differences between the regular Bok Choi and Shanghai Bok Choy is the color of their stems.  Shanghai Bok has a light green instead of white stem.  Shanghai Bok Choy is milder in favor and more tender in texture.  It is more of a personal preference, I personally prefer regualr Bok Choy because I like crunchy vegetables.



Choy Sum

Choy Sum  is one of the most popular Cantonese vegetables.  It is  mild tasting like bok choy.  We stir fry them and use it in soup.  Although I grow up eating this vegetable, I did not know Choy Sum  is actually the Canola plant until I moved to the U.S.   Canola oil is extracted from the seed of Choy Sum.  Do you know what Choy Sum  means, it mean  “vegetable heart”  Choy = 菜  Sum  = 心




Chinese Mustard Green

There are two kinds of mustard green and they both have a mild mustard favor.  They are both use it for stir fry, soup or stew.  The pictures here show a smaller variety of mustard green, the larger variety has meatier stems.  The Chinese like to pickle the meatier variety in a way to preserve vegetable when refrigeration was not available.

 Daikon radish 

Daikon radish is among one of the most popular Asian vegetables.  It is used a lot in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cuisine.   It is a very versatile vegetable and can be prepared in many ways.  The Chinese like to use Daikon in meat stew which act like a sponge to soak up all the yummy favors.  I personally prefer the stewed daikon radish over the meat.  It makes me happy when I bit into a tender, juicy and flavorful Daikon. Mmmmmm.   We also like to used shredded diakon to make daikon radish cake which is one of most popular Chinese New Year food.  We also pickle them with vinegar which give a total different mouth feel.  Of course, everybody know the Korean love this vegetable too, they use a lot of this radish to make Kim Chi.  There two varieties of Daikon, one is more slender and the other is round and bulky.  This is the slender variety










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