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Perfect Roast Beef

I love a good roast beef.   A good roast beef should be succulent and flavorful.  When sliced, it should be pink and juicy inside.  Some prepare roast by dropping it in a slow cooker.  Yes, this will produce moist and tender … Continue reading

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Easy Beef Stroganoff

  This beef stroganoff is a tasty dish that my family has enjoyed for years.  It is hard not to like it; It is quick to prepare and yummy to eat.   It is loaded with tender ground beef, gravy soaked … Continue reading

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Zhá Jiàng Miàn (Savory Noodle Sauce)

Every culture has its comfort food, Zha Jiang Mian is among one of the favorite comfort food in Northern China. The name Zhá Jiàng Mian  is a perfect fit for this noodle.  The word Zhá (炸) means fry, Jiàng (醬) means sauce, … Continue reading

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Tomato and Beef Stew 番茄煮牛肉

  This Tomato Stew with Ground Beef is probably one of the most popular everyday dishes that my friends and I grew up with.  This dish has many variations, it can be made with ground beef, thinly sliced beef,  or … Continue reading

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