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Yang Zhou Fried Rice (揚州炒飯)

  Growing up in Hong Kong, one of my favorite childhood memories was going to wedding and birthday banquets.  Why?  the food, of course!  Yes, I also loved the dressing up, catching up with relatives and friends, staying up late, … Continue reading

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Potstickers (鍋貼)

I once asked my husband if I were to die soon and could only make him one more meal, what would that be? With ALL the yummy dishes I cooked all these years, Potsticker was the answer. I was a … Continue reading

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30 minute Cucumber Kimchi

  Recently, I had a major Kimchi craving that could not be shaken until one day I opened my refrigerator.  No, Kimchi did not mysteriously appear in my fridge, but I found a bag of cucumbers staring at me as if they … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Fiesta Dip

  Super Bowl is around the corner, it is time to party!!!  My boys and husband love to have their annual Super Bowl party.   A party that will make any junk food junkie happy;  that is a time when I … Continue reading

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Shepherd Pie

  Thanksgiving is such an exciting time of the year.  Friends and family get together and catch up with each other lives over a feast; those are truly precious moments in life.    Those special moments, however, are not created … Continue reading

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